About A+


The story of A+ CSR Indonesia is about a group of young people with various background (consultant, professional at MNC, and researcher) who are apprehensive towards the concepts on economic development, social welfare and environmental balance in Indonesia during 2000’s. Some are friends during childhood and teenage days, some became friends during college days, and some finally decided to join due to common interest and occupation.

At the same time, corporate social responsibility or what known as CSR (an concept in doing business) arose worldwide started to sprout in this country. This group of confused people, where in fact they daily deal with community development concept and practice, social research, and even security and business intelligence, directly became devotees and connoisseurs of this concept, part of very small beginners in Indonesia.ethic

Books, journals, articles, and any information on CSR were searched, collected, studied and researched, and discussed. At first, it was just like defining an unknown gigantic thing in the dark. Just by feeling and guessing. This stubbornness and audacity have always become a powerful mantra. Within a couple of years, this previously faint thing has become easily comprehended, materialized, and even implemented.