Giant company or corporation’s stronger power and influence in many aspects of people’s life, within this globalization era, is an empirical facts. With that come also both negative and positive impacts No one to deny that corporation has also given contribution to economic growth, improved human resources and others. Yet the negative impacts are also in the same scale. Environmental damage, poverty, process of impoverishment and marginalization of vulnerable groups, widening economic gap and its influence on an undemocratic political process at various government levels are only part of those negative impacts.

Many critics and/or solution have been proposed to overcome those negative impacts. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of the solution steps that has been implemented globally for the last 20 years, on various performance levels. In Indonesia, currently CSR could be described as potential, yet at the same time worrysome. Potential due to many positive indications, such as: the conduct of PROPER by State Ministry of Environment, CSR Awards, BUMN (State Owned Enterprise) Forum for community development (comdev), increased numbers of company’s organizations promoting CSR, growing seminar and training on CSR along with the forming o division/department responsible to manage CSR at many companies, especially corporation. Small scale companies have also started to mirror this tendency.

On the other side, many of government’s economic – politic policies are not conducive to enforce a social and environmental friendly investment. Cosmetic type CSR’s implementation are often found. Considering those pictures, it is reasonable for Melody Kemp couple years ago to predict the Indonesian’s implementation of CSR as a bit pessimistic.  Meantime, some of CSOs show resistance towards CSR concept which they perceived as the neo-liberal’s 'Trojan Horse'.

Nevertheless, CSR will keep on growing in the coming years. Not as many other business concept, CSR clearly is a flexible concept and will keep growing due to normative demands of all stakeholders. CSR is a certainty since the demand to implement this comes from various parties and levels, from MNC’s headquarters, policy’s interpretation, companies in Indonesia, government policies, and even demand from many CSO monitoring company’s actions.

To address this kind of tendency, A+ CSR Indonesia comes as a social enterprise comprising various professional expertise on issues around CSR. With that, many problems during the implementation of CSR could be found precisely and opportunities on how to correct and rectify those problems could be recommended. Other than that A+ also combines similar expertise to improve a substantial CSR concept, to enable general public in distinguishing with the concept used outside sustainability development